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It is very important to have your child’s eyes examined regularly.


As children grow, their eyes naturally change in size and shape and this may affect the way their vision develops. Keeping a regular check on their eye health and sight helps ensure that their vision develops normally in adulthood.


An eye examination also detects weather a child needs spectacles to improve their eyesight. Research studies in the past have shown significant improvements in exam grades when a child’s vision is made clearer through spectacles.

Large prescriptions, often only in one eye, can go undetected in many circumstances because the 'good eye' compensates for the other.

In such instances when the prescription remains uncorrected, the vision in the poor eye often never develops fully, leading to a condition known as amblyopia, or 'lazy eye'. Such eyes would remain underdeveloped, and never be normal in adulthood, even with the aid of spectacles later on.

About Our Leather


Your kids deserve the best when it comes to eyewear. Our kids’ eyeglasses are designed for comfort first and foremost, so we use skin friendly materials and lightweight builds to keep your children comfy and happy. The bright colours and modern shapes mean our kids’ glasses frames are extra trendy as well as comfy.


The best part? Most of our lenses come with an anti-scratch coating that will protect your youngster’s glasses during active playing and sports.

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