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We are fanatical about quality and finish, and demand the very highest attention to detail from our carefully selected suppliers. We also believe in having a complete respect for honesty and integrity in the way business is done. And we believe in service. It’s a combination of all these elements that has allowed the store to move from strength to strength.

SAFDER VALLI. BSc Hons MCOptom, Cardiff


About Our Leather


Of course we want to provide you with a pair of spectacles perfectly tailored to your look and sense of style, but we’re also equally concerned with the long-term health of your eyes. The fitness of your eyes is as important to us as the design of your eyewear, which is why our eye tests use only the best in eye examination technology.

We are committed to delivering affordable eyecare without compromising either quality or

clinical standards.


We are a family-run Opticians practise conveniently situated on Moi Avenue, at the heart of Mombasa’s centre.


International Optica has been serving the good people of Mombasa for 40 years running, and has built an excellent reputation for providing a friendly and caring approach to eye care, combined with affordable, quality eye wear products.

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