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Caring for the health of your employees’ eyesight is crucial for their optimal performance and comfort at work. Inadequate or inappropriate eye protection and failure to observe occupational health and safety practices are the major causes of workplace eye injuries.


Taking steps to look after your employee’s eye health is just another way to ensure you’re an employer of choice and International Optica can assist your business in ensuring that your requirements are met simply, affordably and easily.


We believe that employee safety is of paramount importance and have worked hard to supply a range of certified prescription safety eyewear at great International Optica prices!

About Our Leather


Swimming goggles help protect your eyes and allow you to see better underwater, advantages for both recreational and competitive swimmers. Using goggles can increase your enjoyment of the water but only if they fit correctly and are worn the right way. Incorrectly worn goggles will lead to water leakage against your eyes, potentially irritating them, and will cause vision distortion.

Most pools use chlorine, which is hard on the eyes. Even salt water pools, which are easier on the eyes, can be irritating, especially if you are swimming laps or are in the pool for a long time. Goggles help reduce eye irritation while maintaining clear vision.

We offer a variety of glasses and goggles, many of which can be fitted with prescription lenses for sports.

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