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Thick lenses can be inconvenient and are often less comfortable and visually pleasing than thin lenses. However, individuals with high prescriptions (+/-2.00) do not need to opt for thick, heavy lenses.

High index lenses can bend light more effectively than traditional lenses; they can be thinner while still offering the same amount of corrective power. Thinner lenses improve the appearance of your glasses and, because they are lighter, they are also more comfortable. High index lenses are available in 25%, 35% and 50% thinner than our standard lenses.

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About Our Leather
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25% Thinner


    •Improved comfort and appearance

    •Ideal for rimless and half-rim frames

    •Suitable for mid-level prescriptions


35% Thinner


    •Great appearance and comfort

    •Ideal for rimless and half-rim frames

    •Suitable for mid to high-level prescriptions


50% Thinner


    •Our thinnest lens option

    •Suitable for high-level prescriptions

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